Orthodontic Software with Billing and Insurance

Insurance Filing

OrthoMinds will change the love-hate relationship with insurance to nothing, but love!

Insurance is a powerful tool helping drive traffic to providers and affording patients the care they need. Beneficial to many, insurance isn't going anywhere anytime soon! With that being said, we recognize the headaches and cost insurance brings, creating office frustrations not equal to the time, expense, and energy practices put into it.

How about having your cake and eating it too?

OrthoMinds eliminates the insurance headaches and provides the freedom to focus on patient care and practice growth! We verify and bill insurance for our clients, all-inclusive with your software. This makes OrthoMinds not just an awesome practice management system, but also a great service provider too!

What will your practice do with the time and money saved by allowing OrthoMinds to work for you?