Orthodontic Scheduling Software

Unique Scheduling

All Orthodontic software programs have a scheduler. OrthoMinds has created a new, highly-intuitive and revolutionary schedule system offering two very unique features. External Scheduling - FIRST paperless referral system, and automated appointment confirmations. So unique in-fact, we believe our system will be a game changer in the way Orthodontists run their practice in years to come!

#1 External Scheduling

Provide access to certain time blocks for certain individuals (i.e. groups of referring hygienists dentists, or patients). These selected individuals or groups will only see the available time slots for new patient consults! Once scheduled, three customizable, automated actions take place:

1) Paperwork and insurance verification is initiated and completed by OrthoMinds. Through OrthoMinds, a new patient receives a customized Welcome Kit, via email, with all required documents for their initial consult. As the documents are opened/started/completed, the software updates the progress in real-time, allowing the practice to follow-up as needed. Once the patient completes their insurance form, OrthoMinds verifies, reviews, and updates the insurance in their Patient Chart! Efficiency. Efficiency. Efficiency.

2) Paperless Referrals. How frustrating are lost paper referrals that never make it through the door for follow-up? With our paperless referral system, see referrals in real-time with contact information included! When it comes to referrals, communication is key, and OrthoMinds helps to make communication seamless!

3) Never miss the opportunity to say, "Thank you." Your customized, Thank You, is automatically sent to the individual or group who scheduled the exam. We also make it possible for you to track scheduled exams by location and/or individual, implement a reward system based on points, and offer incentives to keep the referrals coming in! Bottom line - OrthoMinds assists in keeping the referrals coming in!


Just ONE CLICK and a text message is delivered to patients - requesting appointment confirmation (as well as reminders, payment thank-you, past-due reminders, etc). If a patient replies via text, their appointment is automatically updated to 'confirmed' on your schedule. This feature allows your staff more time to streamline other efficiencies in-office without having to worry about the game of phone-tag with patients!