Why OrthoMinds

Why OrthoMinds

OrthoMinds is a unique and innovative solution company within the Orthodontic community. Our software system is the industry's only complete, all-in-one Orthodontic Practice Management Software. Take a moment to discover how the benefits of our, one-of-a-kind system, will help you to take your practice to the next level!

Insurance and Collection Services with Orthodontic Software with Billing and Insurance

Insurance and Collection Services

OrthoMinds carries the weight of timely insurance verification, filing and collections for you! Verification is complete before the patient ever steps foot in the door. Benefits are uploaded into the system for easy consultations and payment plans. Once treatment is started we begin collecting payment from both the insurance and your patient. No additional software required!

Cloud Access with Our Best Orthodontic Software

Cloud access from any PC, Mac,
or Smart Device.

Peace of mind and easy access are always at your fingertips. Log into our cloud-based software via a web browser using any PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, tablet or smart device! Gone is the hassle of nightly, in-house backups or the worry over faulty servers. Our software is hosted on stable, Microsoft servers with redundant backups. All on the cloud and all data safe!

Get Modern Day Referrals With Orthodontic Scheduling Software

Modern Day Referrals

Still stuck in the dinosaur days of paper referral pads? Time to go paperless! Total control with external scheduling is the best way to make sure that referral makes it through your door. Here is how it works...You customize access to your new patient exam slots for referring providers. In less time than it takes to complete a paper form the appointment is scheduled by the referring provider. The patient automatically receives a welcome packet from your practice. Your office is notified. Staff then has the unique opportunity to follow up with the patient. The software tracks rewards for each referral. You never miss a patient or an opportunity to thank your referring providers. Game. Changer.

Payment Slider With Orthodontic Imaging Software

Payment Slider

The tool you didn't know you couldn't live without! The payment slider gives your patients a sense of financial control and flexibility during consultations or in the comfort of their own home. Decrease pressure and uncomfortable financial conversations and watch your start success rates increase! Patients have the autonomy to begin treatment from their home, inside your office, or anywhere they choose. You will receive notification each time a new contract begins. Celebrate!

Better Patient Communication with Our Popular Orthodontic  Software

Exceptional Patient Communication

Confirm appointments, run specials, offer deals, or send event invites via text or email. If you can dream it up, you can communicate it to anyone in your system all at once, one at a time, or any selected demographic! Communication works both ways! Receive updates when your patients or target demographic replies. No need to manually update appointment confirmations. We automated this too!

OrthoMinds a Efficient Imaging Software

Efficient Imaging

Save your staff valuable time and confusion. Capture and edit patient images directly to the chart using an iPod, iPad, or any smart device of your choice. Fast, flawless, accurate records that look great every time!

Effortless Orthodontic Patient Management Software

Effortless Patient Flow

We guide you and your team through the schedule with our, OrthoMinds Flow Bar. OM Flow Bar provides fluid, simple management of daily patient flow. Waiting, seated, ready for dismissal, dismissed and missed appointments are all a quick glance away.

Popular Orthodontic  Software Treatment Cards

Sensible Treatment Cards

Easy to follow treatment card. Document your patient care with ease. Need to release records to another health care professional? One click of one button and done!

Generate Easy-to-Read Reports wih Our Best Orthodontic Software

Easy-to-Read Reports

We generate visually appealing, easy-to-read graphs, bar charts and traditional PDFs to help you and your staff understand your practice. Easy on the eyes and brain. OrthoMinds, where common sense and reports meet!

Online Patient Forms service with OrthoMinds Orthodontic Scheduling Software

Online Patient Forms

It is easy to stay organized when all of your patient's forms are online! Patients can view, complete, print and sign documents online from the comfort of their home or in your practice. We help keep your office stay on track with easy visuals informing of complete or incomplete documents. Everything is submitted and saved directly to their document file for safe keeping and easy access!

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