Payment Slider Software for orthodontic practice

Payment Slider

We know that consultations are far more successful when time is spent building rapport and trust with your new patients and their families. Like us, I'm sure you and your staff find this difficult, and at times impossible to do with the looming, uncomfortable financial conversations ahead. The solution?

OrthoMinds Payment Slider in Best Orthodontic Software

OrthoMinds Payment Slider, the tool you didn't know you couldn't live without!

On the back end your fees, discounts, and interest rates are built-in. Insurance is uploaded by us before the patients consultation begins. The tool is ready for use by the patient once recommended treatment is suggested during the initial exam. The slider is easy to use and provides them with the autonomy to create a contract that fits their budget and meets your financial goals. The tool is a win-win.

The payment slider increases the chance of your patient signing a contract during their initial exam significantly. But, if they don't, they can take the tool home with them to review, share with their spouse or family members and make a decision from the comfort of their home. The contract can be initiated by the patient anywhere at anytime! You will receive a notification that the patient started, your cue to celebrate!