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Cloud-Based. Customizable. Cost Effective.

Minimized Upfront Cost

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No Hardware Fees

Most cloud software is licensed on a subscription basis, which means instead of paying thousands of dollars for hardware upfront, you pay a fee for access per month hence the term, "Software-as-a-service (SaaS)."

Orthodontic Practice Management Software

No Physical Server Expenses

With cloud applications remote hosting, there are no physical server requirements, which means implementation also goes faster and costs less.

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No Network Admin Costs

No hardware upgrades on a regular basis and no spending on network admin.

Industry leading Orthodontic Scheduling Software

Reduced IT Expenses

On-site IT tends to be one of the largest operating costs for self-managed, non-cloud based platforms. Cut costs related to install, setup, upgrades and upkeep throughout the applications lifecycle with our cloud based software!

No Payment Gateway Fees

No Payment Gateway Fees

Our fully integrated patient billing and payment acceptance module is powered by Paya, a full-service payment integrated payments leader. With our interchange plus pricing model customers pay a set, low rate over interchange and are never charged gateway fees or middleman mark-ups.